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      1. Company Profile

        Brief Introduction
        We have a long experience  in the export of sweaters and garments to Europe and Russia .
        We are the "one stop buying centre" for our clients regardless of how many different styles and items are needed for their collection. Our Head office with showrooms is located in China.

        We develop and produce garments according to our clients designs in almost any price range and quantity for "ladies, men and children".
        Our company comprises of two divisions:

        Knitwear: we cover the whole spectrum of knitwear, including sweaters & t-shirts
        Woven items: we cover a wide range of blouses, coats, jeans, skirts, dresses
        Major Market:
        Europe,  Russia,  and The United States.

        Key Customers:
        Our clients are European Manufacturers of garments, Importers with their own designs and Chain stores.

        Our production bases are in:

        Products range:
        Knitwear (both sweaters and fine knit)
        Woven items & Denim items

        Payment requirement for bulk production:

           - L/C at sight .T/T
        Sample Lead Time for proto samples
        7-10 days depending on yarn availability and whether available colour can be used

        Production Lead Time
        40-70 days depending on complexity / number of styles and timing of placing order
        For sweaters:
        Expected yarn delivery from spinner: 15-25 days, plus
        Production Time: 30-55 days

        For t-shirt / woven items:
        30-40 days, with available fabric
        60-90 days if fabric has to be dyed

        Minimun quantities required
        For sweaters:
        200-500 pcs/ style depending on yarn minimum requirements from spinners

        For t-shirt / woven items:
        500-1000 pcs/style depending on fabric minimum requirements from weavers